My name is Arianna and I’m a graphic designer located in the Bay Area. I have a BFA in Art + Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Growing up in rural Northern California, much of my inspiration is drawn from the natural world around me. My love of design evolved from an early fascination with getting lost in the creative process. When I’m in the creative problem-solving zone, everything fades away and my sole focus becomes my design. Using color, texture, pattern, composition, and typography, I enjoy distilling a concept into its simplest form. I consider myself a visual organizer.

I began my career in college, working for ASI creating collateral for all the events and activities happening on campus. Later I created the brand for Fiat Luxe Designs and worked there for two years as the in-house Graphic Designer + Production Manager. After that I rebranded and developed strategic advertising campaigns for Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition + Culinary Arts, as the Graphic Designer + Marketing Specialist. I explored San Francisco for a little while and returned to Sonoma County after being approached by Bauman College to create and administrate a new, in-house design and production team. I look forward to expanding my skill set to reach an even broader audience with my work.

Please feel free to email me or give me a call. Looking forward to hearing from you!